Maret 27, 2016

“Michael Learns to Rock” Bakal Ramaikan Rock in Borneo

Lagu-lagu grup band pop rock era 90an ini akan tampil dengan bassis baru. Grup musik ‘Michael Learns to Rock’ (MLTR) bakal meramaikan Rock in Borneo yang […]
Maret 15, 2016

Lyrics Chord: Linkin Park – In The end

Intro : Em D C D 2x Em It starts with one One thing, I don’t know why D It doesn’t even matter how hard you […]
Februari 22, 2016

Lyrics Chord: Blackstreet – In A Rush

 D DM7 Bm It came over me in a rush Bm7 Em Esus Asus When I realized that I love you so much A D DM7 […]
Februari 16, 2016

Lyrics Chord: Hoobastank – Crawling In The Dark

Em C D Em I will dedicate and sacrifice my every C D C D Thing for just a second`s worth of how my story`s ending […]